Apalah arti sebuah nama?

Pernahkah anda sekalian bertanya kepada orang tua anda tentang arti nama anda? Saya pernah. Karena nama saya Winson, dulunya saya pikir kalau orang tua saya selalu menginginkan saya menjadi seorang pemenang. At least, itulah yang saya harapkan. Tetapi waktu saya bertanya kepada mereka, mereka bilang "kalau dikasih nama Wilson, kayaknya udah banyak ya, pasaran. makanya Winson ajah"


Saya langsung berpikir apalah arti sebuah nama, mungkin memang waktu mereka memilihkan nama buat kita, mereka tidak melihat nilai arti yang terkandung di dalamnya. Mungkin ada juga yang demikian, seperti yang memiliki nama Bagus atau Indah (walaupun kadang orang nya ga sebagus namanya :p). Ada juga yang punya nama Kuat, eh... pas ketemu kok loyo? Ada juga yang seperti Melly Goeslaw, yang memberikan nama anak nya "Anakku Lelaki Hoed". Nama yang penuh arti. Bahwa anak tersebut adalah anak nya dengan Mr. Hoed, dan bahwa anak nya itu lelaki. Walaupun tidak saya sarankan menamakan anak seperti itu. Kasian geh!

Mungkin nama diberikan kepada kita lebih karena memandang nilai estetika, atau keindahan sebuah nama. Saya pernah punya teman yang bernama sangat bagus seperti Leonardo, Christophorus, atau Euginia. Tapi yah seperti yang saya bilang. Nama mungkin mengandung harapan, tapi apalah arti sebuah nama kalau anaknya ga dididik dengan baik? Nanti nya cuma menuh-menuhin halaman koran kriminal dengan nama cantik donk?

Nah, waktu itu saya ke warung kopi tempat babe saya biasa nongkrong. Di sana ngobrol-ngobrol lah saya dengan om-om atau bapak-bapak yang ada di sana. Seorang bapak bercerita kalau teman nya baru saja mempunyai seorang anak. Semua pun antusias mendengarkan cerita sang bapak itu.

Dia bercerita bahwa orang tua nya sangat berharap untuk memiliki anak laki-laki. Mereka terus mencoba dan mencoba sampai anak ke 4 mereka adalah anak perempuan. Akhirnya mereka memutuskan, kalau yang terakhir ini sudah nggak laki-laki lagi, ya sudahlah, mungkin emang belum dikasih aja. Nah cerita nya nih, anak terakhir ini akhirnya keluarlah laki-laki. Sangking senangnya, sang bapak pun memutuskan menamakan anak nya ALDINO. Karena nama itu terdengar agak jarang, maka orang-orang di warung kopi pun bertanya-tanya. "kok nama nya aneh pak?" "jarang denger orang pake nama itu pak" dan sebagainya. Si bapak pun menjelaskan bahwa nama Aldino itu memiliki arti. Arti apa?

ALhamdullilah DIa NOngol


best excuse of the week

My brother is 15, his name is William. And he is attending a high school that I used to attend. In fact, not only me, but also my sister and my other brother went to this school. So the teachers pretty much know about him and us as a family. When he joined the school, questions were asked to me about William, "who does he resemble the most among us?"

My teacher once asked him the same question, and she even explained the resemblance. If he resembles my sister, then he would be a dedicated boy. My sister was the chief of the student organization during her time.
If he resembles me, he would be a creative boy, I don't know how she rated me as being "creative" but oh well..
If he resembles my other brother, then he would be a rule breaker, someone who will skip classes but overall a sweet boy.

I think by now, the teachers will understand who does he resemble the most. And here is why:

On Thursday, he drove to school, but he found out that the road was blocked by a fallen tree. He couldn't find a way to go into school, so he decided to go home. He skipped school that day. Well my parents went bananas for that! I guess he wasn't that dedicated to go to school everyday.
The next day, he went to school, and during one class, a teacher asked him why he skipped the school the day before.

Teacher: I see that you did not attend the school yesterday
William: That is correct sir
Teacher: So, what is your excuse for not attending the school? You do know that your parents need to call if you were unable to attend, or you will get in trouble
William: yes sir, but I was unable to attend yesterday because someone died unexpectedly
Teacher: Oh! I am so sorry to hear that. Who died?
William: Steve Jobs sir.


#1 I'll prove them wrong

5th of September, 2011

8 am in the morning, I am about to start my job. Yes, I am in my hometown now, ready to go for work.
I spent the last 2 weeks for Raya Holiday catching up with my friends and families. They asked me the same thing: "what are you gonna do now that you've graduated?"
I had my answer. I answered. And yet I do not feel so happy about it. It seems that the people still think of me as a spoiled kid that will work in my dad's company coz I do not have the capability to work myself without my dad's hand. Even if I achieved something, they'll still think of it as my dad's achievement.

See, the thing is, back in Australia, people think of me as an independent, brilliant, smart, or hardworking.

Here, people think of me as the son of someone who is rich that will help me throughout my life.

I don't like that.

I'll prove them wrong, AGAIN

Where the hell is Indonesia?

random guy: where are u from?
me: indonesia
random: where is it?
me: do u know bali?
random: ow ya! it's fantastic! so indonesia is near bali?
me: bali is in indonesia
random: so u are from bali?
me: nope, im from lampung
random: is it in indonesia or in bali?
me: .......

My mom thinks I'm gay!!

If you're Asian, there's something that will happen to you when you hit 20's. Your parent will, especially your mom, will start asking you about your plan on 'when to get married'. Not only your mom, other moms in your Asian community will ask you the same thing wherever you meet them: at the mall, at the restaurant, at work, in the hospital while accompanying my brother, wherever.

After an appropriate amount of time, my mom started to observe the way I reacted in handling those questions from the other moms. She came into a vocal conclusion, and I did not like what's coming nor I expected it:

"son, are you gay?"

(dramatic thunder playing on the background)

"My god mom, what made you think that way??! no way no way no way!" I replied

She actually made that conclusion based on her previous observation on gay people that she met. "well, the way I see it, it does make sense. I mean, I know you were a player in high school, but then you spent 5 years overseas. People change overseas you know. who knows what happened to you up there? Besides, you constantly picking out small things about girls like her hair, or her fashion; you are bitchin out about girls being so childish and annoying; you dressed up so neat and you are SOOOOO into your looks lately, I mean, face cream? come on!"

"(think for a while, having an 'owwww' moment) wait! no! how could you say such things! I still enjoy naked girls you know!" I tried to clear things up.

and then she sighed a little and said "alright, just come to me if you're 'confused', okay?"

laugh now, you will have one of these moments later!

what's new?

My study life is officially over. Done! I'm just waiting for my convocation on the 30th of July.

I got 3 business offers! Kinda excited to start this working life soon. I hope I won't be too hasty.

I am still single, and awesoming this bachelor life of mine.

And most importantly, I have the best things that I care so much in my life: Friends and Family.

I'm back to blogging now.

Damn I love my life!

I believe in reincarnation!

So I'm back home now, as in my kampung! and I'm so glad that I'm back. Home is the best place I can be. But there's one thing that bothers me, always. I have a lot of issues with my mom. And the minute I came back, that's the time I started to feel the aura of a commander. Why? Here's why. I really think that my mom is a little bit... how to describe it accurately.... well.. authoritarian if you will. So in my house, I always here sentences like "wake up!", "clean the dishes", or "drink your juice". The thing is, I was gonna do it, but she acted like I won't do it. She also enrolled my brother into several private courses and 'forced' him to play the musical keyboard every night. and I know that my brother doesn't like it even though he is pretty good at it. So I started to realise that my mom can't go a minute without giving orders to someone. It's true! She will always find something to give someone work to do, and it's not because we are not gonna do it, it's just a habit. among all my siblings, I consider myself to be the most rebellious child in the family. So I always say things like "I'll do it if u ask me politely" or "ow mom, I'm about to do it but u make me not wanna". LOL yeah. I think she thinks I hate her. But I do not! Well.. maybe a little annoyed but not that extreme. So at one point I talked to my sister.
"you know what I just realised?" I said
"what is it?" she replied
"I think I believe in reincarnation now"
"Why so?" she asked in confusion
"I think our mom was Adlof Hitler in her previous life!" I answered firmly
"..... you're going to hell you know" she ended

Well... I think I'm going there anyway